"Rain Heron is probably the best performance poet I have heard." — David Batten, Poet/Author of Transhumance, Storme Passage, Untergang, Rotterdam, Winterreis.

  • Elegy of a Year
    Elegy of a Year
    Kissing a man New Year's Eve
    exploring the unfamiliar...
  • Truth or Hair
    Truth or Hair
    I once saw the truth
    it flashed before me...
  • Pale Blue Rose
    Pale Blue Rose (after Ouida)
    The regrets, the cigarettes
    remind me...
  • Perhaps (after #NeverAgain)
    Perhaps (after #NeverAgain)
    Are we living a lie?
    Are we lying to live?...
  • Love Locks
    You + Me
    My heart is cold
    chilled by your disregard...
  • I am.
    I Am
    I am your delusion
    I am your illusion...
  • I might like it HERE
    I might like it HERE
    Sometimes I do
    connect in a way...
  • Goodbye Mother
    Goodbye Mother
    I saw the end
    before it began...
  • Church of Her
    "Her naked body swims
    in the deep blue...
  • Girl with neon feathers
    The Messenger (please don't kill her)
    "You misalign yourself
    with thoughtless twits..."
  • To love, to live, to lie
    To love, to live, to lie
    in the midst of the truth...
  • Tomorrow
    "I need a piece of tomorrow today..."
  • BrOKeN DreAMs
    BrOKeN DreAMs
    Broken dreams are so serene
    there's nothing to do but wonder...
  • Love First
    "You've always been inside me..."
  • Under the Glass (after Sylvia Plath)
    Hiding under the glass
    Protect me from the unkind mass...
  • Woman Without Words
    Your words are my poetry
    my life is your self-directed film...