“Rain’s artwork speaks to me everyday with the changes of light and seems to mirror my different moods. I can’t imagine living without it.” — Sean, USA

“I’m madly in love! Your art is amazing and I feel it…I’m overwhelmed.” — Alecia, USA

“I want to thank you again and explain that the angels wings enlight my working days. It is a constant delight vision.” — Dr Michel, France

“I love my new place and I love your art in it.” — Philippe, France

“Je trouve son travail moderne et subtil, j’ aime la méthode et les matériaux et ses oeuvres sont vivantes. Je pense qu’ il y a une part de Rain dans chaque représentation, chaque tableau, ça raconte quelque chose, comme une poésie.” — Laurence, Belgium

“Rain’s artwork hangs in my bedroom and greets me when I wake up in the morning. It’s one of the few essential objects in my life.” — Shawn, USA

“Got it! It is stunning and I love it!” — Kim, USA