"My book of poetry 'Heart On' is filled with 50 feminist — and humanist — poems that tackle war, misogyny, climate change, death and love."


Rain’s first art project, a line of metal furniture was (to her surprise) accepted by The Gallery of Functional Art, a top gallery in Los Angeles. At which point, she quit two of her day jobs. Her metal furniture line was exhibited in several art galleries throughout Los Angeles. Her work was featured on TV on both Ovation and USA Network.

Her Canadian father gifted her his beloved Argus camera when she was a young girl which created the spark. Later, Rain assisted two professional photographers, which throttled her fascination of photography. This lead to Rain’s current photography style that is often abstract, modern, ethereal. She currently prints her photographs on various materials including canvas, metal and wood.

Rain co-owned two art galleries, one on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and the other in rural France. Both galleries exhibited her work plus contemporary artwork by emerging and established international artists. Rain also owned and operated Rain Interiors, an interior design company located in Venice Beach, California.

Her design education and experience morphed into buying, renovating and selling properties in California and country houses in France. After renovating a hamlet and a decade of owning cottage rentals, she “sold the farm” and refocused her energy into art and writing.

In 2013, Rain co-authored a poetry book with Hamilton Hill entitled Fragments — Sharp and Unexpected Pieces. From 2016 to 2018, Rain’s “electric poetry” was staged in 2 VOICES + 1 SOUND with poet Nav Vilain and DJ Tof Matgorski in the UK and France. Later in 2019, Rain collaborated with Author/Poet David Batten in Fragile Selves, a live poetry event paired with music.

From 2015 to 2019, Rain exhibited photography and collages in France. In 2019, Rain read her poetry in poetry venues in both Paris and Amsterdam.

In early 2020, she presented a (pre-COVID) solo art show coincidentally entitled “Masquerade” (and featuring masks) that was placed under quarantine shortly thereafter and her artwork was held hostage for several months. Also in 2020, Rain published a new collection of “naked” poetry entitled Heart On (50 Poems) (available worldwide on Amazon).

In 2021, Rain showcased her photography series “Poitiers After Dark” and “Street Life” in France. She is currently working on her third poetry book (due to be published in 2022) and various art and photography projects.

An Expat American with Scottish and French roots, Rain relocated to France in 2006, and currently lives with her South American husband in Poitiers, France.

“Got it! It is stunning and I love it!” — Kim, USA

Rain’s artwork speaks to me everyday with the changes of light and seems to mirror my different moods. I can’t imagine living without it.” — Sean, USA

“I’m madly in love! Your art is amazing and I feel it…I’m overwhelmed.” — Alecia, USA

“I want to thank you again and explain that the angels wings enlight my working days. It is a constant delight vision.” — Dr Michel, France

“I love my new place and I love your art in it.” — Philippe, France

“Je trouve son travail moderne et subtil, j’ aime la méthode et les matériaux et ses oeuvres sont vivantes. Je pense qu’ il y a une part de Rain dans chaque représentation, chaque tableau, ça raconte quelque chose, comme une poésie.” — Laurence, Belgium

“Rain’s artwork hangs in my bedroom and greets me when I wake up in the morning. It’s one of the few essential objects in my life.” — Shawn, USA

“Umami is a Japanese word that means ‘yummy’ or ‘delicious’ and is the name given to what is called the fifth taste. The other four tastes are sweet, sour, bitter and salty. I think this describes Heron’s poems. A very modern voice. Androgynous. I highly recommend her new book.” — Diane Lander-Simon, Actor/Activist

“Sharp and urgent, these poems are a pungent commentary on humanity. It was Robert Graves who wrote: ‘The true poet must always be original… must address only the Muse… in passionate and peculiar words’. Rain’s current work [Heart On] does just that.  Hamilton Hill, Author/Poet

“FRAGMENTS is an extraordinary collection…Ingmar Bergman would have loved this work, particularly after a few beers with Charles Bukowski.” — Richard Goldstone, Writer/Producer

A poetic smorgasbord of imagination, humour and rock ‘n’ roll… creating something amazingly fresh and Zeitgeist.” — Spencer McCarthy, BBC UK/US

“FRAGMENTS is a poetry collection that invokes and examines the human heart. Unflinching, brutal honesty that cuts to the bone.” — Sheila Sawhny Giammarco, Screenwriter/Actor

“Rain Heron is probably the best performance poet I have heard.”  — David Batten, Author/Poet

“The show, 2 VOICES + 1 SOUND, is music for the ears with a thought-provoking message.”  — Richard Belzer, Actor/Author/Comedian



Furniture & Sculpture

Aluminum, steel, wood

Art & Photography

Mixed media, color photographs on high quality paper, brushed steel or wood  

Poetry & Spoken Word

Pen and paper — and a hot mic!


2022 (upcoming)
Poetry event (poetry + music)
“Dark Matters” with David Batten

New collection of poetry
title TBA
(publish date: June 2022)

“Street Life” (photography)
Poitiers, France

“Poitiers After Dark” (photography)
Poitiers, Franc

Poetry book (Amazon.com)
Heart On — 50 Poems
by Rain Heron

Art Exhibition (solo show)
“Masquerade” (new collages & masks)
Poitiers, France

Photography Expo (solo show)
“Les photos abstraites de Poitiers”
Poitiers, France

Poetry Reading
Poetry + Cocktails – Rain Heron
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Poetry Performance
SpokenWord Paris – Rain Heron
au Chat Noir   
Paris, France

Poetry Slam  
“Paris Lit Up”  
Paris, France

Poetry Reading
Poitiers, France

Poetry Event (poetry + music)
“Fragile Selves”
with David Batten
 Entraygues-sur-Truyère, France

Poetry Performance (poetry + music)
“2 VOICES” with Nav Vilain
Entraygues-sur-Truyère, France

2018 – 2016
Poetry Performance + DJ
“2 VOICES + 1 SOUND”  with Nav Vilain & DJ “Tof” Matgorski
Rodez, Montrozier, Montpellier, Sete, Entraygues-sur-Truyère, France
Fringe Festival, Brighton UK

2016 – 2014
Art Exhibitions (art installation, furniture, mixed media, photography)
H2O galerie d’art
Entraygues-sur-Truyère, France

Co-authored poetry book (Lulu.com)
FRAGMENTS — Sharp and Unexpected Pieces
by Hamilton Hill and Rain Heron

2010 – 2005
Art Exhibitions (photography)
Ocean Art
Central Coast, California, USA

Art Exhibition (mixed media)
Bogart Cancer Research Auction
Beverly Hills, California, USA

Art Exhibition (furniture, sculpture)
Art Crawl
Los Angeles, California, USA

Art Exhibition (photography)
Bogart Cancer Research Auction
Beverly Hills, California, USA

2002 – 1999
Art Exhibition (furniture, mixed media, photography)
Rain Heron Gallery
Los Angeles, California, USA

Art Exhibition (furniture, sculpture)
Art Crawl
Los Angeles, California, USA

Art Exhibition (mixed media)
Bogart Cancer Research Auction
Beverly Hills, California, USA

Art Exhibition (furniture, photography)
Silver Lake Festival
Los Angeles, California, USA

Art Exhibition (furniture)
Venice Art Walk
Venice, California, USA

Art Exhibition (furniture)
Los Angeles County Open House of Arts
Los Angeles, California, USA

Art Exhibition (sculpture, mixed media)
Venice Art Walk
Venice, California, USA

Art Exhibition (sculpture, mixed media)
Los Angeles, California, USA

Art Exhibition (furniture, mixed media)
Venice Art Walk
Venice, California, USA

1999 – 1995
Art Exhibitions (furniture)
Lois Lambert Gallery/The Gallery of Functional Art
Santa Monica, California, USA

Art Exhibition (furniture, mixed media, sculpture)
Venice Art Walk
Venice, California, USA

Art Exhibition (furniture)
Los Angeles, California, USA

Art Exhibition (furniture, mixed media)
BOVA Gallery
Los Angeles, California, USA

Art Exhibition (sculpture, mixed media)
Bureau of Arts and Culture
Los Angeles, California, USA

Art Exhibition (art installation, furniture, photography)
Studio Sienna
West Hollywood, California, USA


Member, Maison de la Poésie de Poitiers
Member, Poetry Foundation, USA

Santa Monica College of Design, Art & Architecture, USA
International Interior Design Association (IIDA)
Green Design Symposium
Los Angeles Conservancy