"Highly original in a building-on-Sylvia-Plath-kind-of-way." — David Batten, Author/Poet

"Ingmar Bergman would have loved this work, particularly after a few beers with Charles Bukowski." — Richard Goldstone, Writer/Producer

"...imagination, humour and rock 'n' roll... creating something amazingly fresh and Zeitgeist!" — Spencer McCarthy, BBC

  • Night of Wonder
    A crisp autumn day
    of pure air and light
  • Beautiful Things
    Dreams pass us by
    we look blindly to the future
  • Bits & Pieces
    Bits of life, pieces of death
    they run after me...
  • Shades of Grey
    Seed of life
    garden of death ...
  • Shadows & Silhouettes
    In a waking dream
    not all is as it seems ...
  • Fortune Teller
    She saw my past in my future
    she saw the tears in my laugh ...
  • Woven
    Your friendship is fleeting
    your words empty and spare...
  • No kin o' mine
    Princess of turns
    ego that burns...
  • Heart in a Jar
    Pull out my heart
    cut all the strings...
  • Elegy of a Year
    Kissing a man on New Year's Eve...
  • Truth or Hair
    I once saw the truth
    it flashed before me...
  • Box
    The little girl
    she crawls into a small wooden box...
  • Pale Blue Rose
    The regrets, the cigarettes
    remind me...
  • Perhaps (dedicated to #NeverAgain)
    Are we living a lie?
    Are we lying to live? ...
  • To love, to live, to lie
    To love, to live, to lie
    in the midst of the truth...
  • Love Locks
    You + Me
    My heart is cold
    chilled by your disregard...
  • All Tied Up
    They are tied up
    by a snug gift...
  • Nothing Less (for Zoë)
    The chosen one
    with light all around you...
  • Broken Dreams
    Broken dreams are so serene
    there's nothing to do but wonder...
  • Goodbye Mother
    I saw the end
    before it began...
  • Dollhouse
    Woman Without Words
    Your words are my poetry
    my life is your self-directed film...
  • I Am
    I am your delusion
    I am your illusion