Vernissage / Artist Reception

“Hôtel de ville”, color photo on brushed gold aluminum, Poitiers, France 2018 Blog, Photography

When we were renovating our new (very old) house in Poitiers, Hotel Mercure Poitiers Centre was our base. We would turn up scruffy — we’re talking paint-on-our-noses and plaster-on-our-pants scruffy — yet we were always greeted with a big smile and pleasant, clean room. A few times, Hotel Mercure even upgraded us to a double suite with a ridiculously-huge-by-French-standards’ terrace that was nothing less than a slice of heaven after a hard day of renovations. With a bottle of wine and some edibles from the adjoining restaurant, Les Archives, we would unwind and marvel at the view of the city. Originally, the restaurant, Les Archives was christened (or whatever they do in the Jesuit faith) in 1852 as a Jesuit Chapel. Later, the building became the archives department for the Vienne, France. And in 2010, it was transformed into a fine dining restaurant with an adjacent Mercure hotel. The restaurant, Les Archives, is (and I’m downplaying), a stunning and remarkable room with huge pillars and soaring vaulted ceilings. And don’t even get me started about the fantastic food and wine. But I’m getting off track. Back to this post. While a guest at Hotel Mercure and dining at the restaurant, I couldn’t help thinking what a gorgeous setting it would be for a contemporary art exhibition. And this notion inspired my abstract photography of the city of Poitiers. And that tree has borne fruit. Hotel Mercure and Les Archives have agreed to host my solo photography exhibition. Artist’s Reception is at 6:30 p.m. on 1 November 2019 and the exhibition continues through 2 January 2020.