“Poetry in Motion”

“Poetry in Motion”, color photo on paper, Poitiers, France 2018 Photography

I looked up the word “poetry” on a whim in my trusty Webster’s New World Thesaurus and was happy to discover a complex amount of synonyms …”poem, song, versification, metrical composition, rime, rhyme, poesy, stanza, rhythmical composition, poetical writings. Forms of verse including the following: Shakespearean sonnet, Italian sonnet, Miltonic sonnet, Wordsworthian sonnet, Chaucerian stanza, Spenserian stanza, heroic couplet, Alexandrine, iambic pentameter, rhyme royal, ottava rima, couplet, distich, epode, triolet, rondeau, rondel, rondelet, tanka, haiku, ballade, destine, villanelle, limerick, blank verse, free verse, stop-short, strophic verse, stanzaic verse, assonance, accentual verse, alliterative verse”.  Now I have (even more) respect!