Orange is b(l)ack

“Burnt orange on metal”, color photo on metal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2018 Blog, Photography

Okay, I’m actually talking about easyJet. Yes, that airline that is either one or two words (no one can remember) with its retro white font proudly displayed on a c. 1970’s orange background. And don’t get me started that “easy” is all lower case and “Jet” begins with a capital letter and is smack dab in the middle of the name. Quite confusing for those of us with grammatical rules (this isn’t Nam!). While booking easyJet (yes, they have great deals and I’m drawn to their style), I was gobsmacked in my attempt to read through their baggage policy. I was simply trying to understand how much my bag weighs so I can prepay for it which, or course, is cheaper than doing it at the airport — or so they tell you. But who really knows how much their hold baggage weighs? I mean, we’re not going to load up our bag and then try to weigh it on human scale. So we end up paying the higher price…29 kilo instead of 23 kilo or 23 kilo instead of 15 kilo. Or if you’re a shopper, you opt for the heaviest one because you have visions of your personal hold at the airport for an unweighed bag. So you contemplate throwing caution to the wind and not to check any baggage (just do a carry on) but for a long trip or if you’re schlepping your artwork, it’s not really a viable option. Anyway, as I was saying, I was reading easyJet’s baggage policy and here are some of the links that they listed:
canoes and kayaks (really? also, just noticed that the link is pluralized…like you can check in several canoes and kayaks or paragliders or sporting firearms)
diving equipment
hang gliders
pole vaults
sporting firearms (really?!?!)
sporting wheelchairs (whaaaat? is that a thing?)
traveling with children (seems to me that this link shouldn’t co-exist on this list)
special assistance (whaaat? special assistance with a canoe or sporting firearms?)