Death Playlist

“Rain in Paris”, color photo in black oak frame, Paris, France 2019. SOLD. Blog, Photography

I recently created My Death Playlist which is brilliant, if I must say so myself, and includes songs by The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Bowie (of course), Frank Sinatra, Brian Eno and Jeff Buckley’s version Hallelujah (sorry Leonard) at at the end “The End” by the Doors. Of course. The door has closed. But that said, I am winning this cancer fight (funny, I don’t feel like it’s a fight!). DNA on my side, my favorite (paternal) Aunt had breast cancer twice (the first cases I ever heard of in my life) and she’s still rockin’ it at age 90. If you ask her how she got through it as I recently have, she’ll tell you that she got through it “with martinis…vodka not gin…with not one, but two good olives”. My mother, with all her cancers (3), was a gorgeous cougar with a boyfriend 20+ years her junior. And my sister has 2 cancers under her super-heroine belt (she calls herself “Kimmy Possible”), yet she still runs one of the top companies in the international film industry. So I’ve got an ancestral fighting spirit (back to fighting!?!??) in these genes in my blue jeans. And for good measure, I wear my favorite pair of kickass boots when I need to kick some reality to the curb.