Joan of Arc (with lip gloss)

“Joan of Arc with lip gloss”, color photo, Poitiers, France 2018 Blog, Photography

A bronze of Jeanne d’arc (Joan of Arc) proudly stands in the center of Poitiers, a lovely French city which happens to celebrate women.  Recently someone applied a little makeup to Joan.  And who am I to argue that Joan didn’t need a little lip gloss?  Cute hairstyle by the way.  Lipstick, cute hairdo and the crusades – way to go Joan!   The first time I visited this city, there were posters plastered all over the city celebrating the Jardin Simone Veil, a garden created in memory of Simone Veil, a Holocaust (holy-cost) survivor and a female French lawyer and politician ahead of her time, pushing hard for women’s rights.