Free Will

“Red Wings”, color photo with black oak frame, Poitiers, France 2018 Blog, Photography

Nietzche once famously said “God is dead”. Lately, I’m of the opinion that free will is dead. Feel free to believe me because as I just mentioned, free will is dead. Seriously folks… I recently found a quote that I loved but couldn’t suss out who originally made the remark for the life of me — or the death of me. It had been repeated (uh, I mean shared) so many times on Facebook and Instagram that his or her name was literally lost in the ethers. Not to mention (but hey, I’m mentioning it), there are those “cookies” on the web that we’ve all come to love and hate (which by the way has an adorable name because let’s face it, we all love cookies) but cyber “cookies” aren’t exactly edible. They don’t feed us, in fact, they feed on us and their piggy appetites are never satiated. Cookies follow us wherever we go and regurgitate and bombard us with information and images that we may or may not be interested in. Sue me…I looked that up once! Yet “cookies” decide what we care about and care to hear about. Even if we Google a word or a phrase in an effort to change the direction of our cookie crumb trail (I’ve tried but it’s no use), the cookie monster puts on his mask and cape and strikes again. I’m beginning to hate cookies. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing…maybe, just maybe, I’ll stop eating so many chocolate chip cookies!