Electric City

“Electric City” Colour photograph (untouched) on brushed steel. Antibes, France, 2018 Blog, Photography

I am an electric person also known as a SLIder, partial acronym for ‘Street Lamp Interference’ AKA HVS (high voltage syndrome), and there are a few other labels for people who are affected — and affect — electrical currents.  I manage to disrupt common household appliances, make my computer go wonky, blow out lightbulbs and street lamps, particularly when I’m over excited or stressed out.  I joke about it so people I hang out with aren’t too alarmed when it happens.  I also joke about it so it doesn’t freak me out too much.  Scientists say this syndrome can happen after someone is struck by lightning or has a near death experience, and I can’t say I’ve been struck my lighting (not yet anyway) but I have had a few of the latter.  This photo is an example of how TVs often go berserk when I walk past them.  I managed to capture a series of 4 photographs before the TV returned to normal.