50 shades of “Fragile”

“Girl with a Heart and missing a nose”, photo collage, France, 2018 Blog, Photography

I just moved house and everywhere I looked there was ‘Fragile’ tape adhered to everything. Little did it help because the movers managed to break most of my breakable stuff, which I had to tearfully paw through and chuck. This lesson in letting go of family heirlooms and other fragile bits had me staring intently at the word “Fragile” and deconstructing it. In breaking it down (pun intended), I spied no less than 50 words contained in the word ‘Fragile’ — and there may even be a few more that I missed. In any event, here are 50 shades of ‘Fragile’…age, agile, air, ale, are, ear, earl, el, elf, er, era, fa, fag, fail, fair, far, fare, fear, fig, file, fir, fire, flag, frail, gale, gear, gel, girl, glare, grail, grief, I, if, la, lag, lair, large, leaf, lear, leg, liar, lie, life, rag, rage, rail, real, rife, rig, rile. Who knew?