French Beauty (& Beast) Tips

“Worried about her beauty”, color photos in black oak frame, Montpellier, France 2018 Blog, Mixed Media

I’m always gobsmacked by the elegance and simplicity of French women.  And now that I’ve lived in France for 13 some odd years and I’m somewhat privy to their beauty secrets, I’d like to share a few tips I’ve learned over the years…

  • add tap water to your hands when you apply face creme or body lotion – and your products will last twice as long!
  • buy products if you happen to find yourself in an airport so it’s duty free (no added tax, which can add up).  Half the time the sales clerks barely look at your ticket to see if you qualify for duty free!
  • have a bottle or two, or three of French water facial spray/s at the ready – in your purse, at your desk or next to your bed for a quick refresher course (Evian is a good one). A must-have for summer – or anytime you need a lift.
  • one glass of red wine everyday without fail, strictly for medicinal purposes.
  • eat sensibly – with lots of sauce (and wine).
  • add a scarf in the slightest breeze – an unbeatable fashion accessory. You can even make a few if you sew and are handy like that (look for fabulous remnants on sale at your favorite fabric store).
  • choose one makeup item to always wear when venturing out…you choose…a little mascara, lipstick, gloss or blush – to give yourself a little spark. In other words, don’t roll out naked.
  • buy cute underwear and socks (as opposed to “the whites”).