3 is my lucky number

“The Third Eye”, B+W photo on black oak, Espalion, France 2017 Blog, Mixed Media

3 is my lucky number and if you turn a 3 on its side, you have a nice set of breasts, boobs, boobies, tits, udders, jugs, knockers, hooters, peaches, rack, guns, missiles (what’s with those violent references?) or puppies-under-a-blanket, which was my Dad’s favorite — yes, I had an inappropriate father. Is this just another cheap tactic to denigrate women? Probably. And I haven’t even brought up all of the nicknames — or should I say “pet names” (wrong on so many levels!) for the vagina such as pussy (truly a pet name!), Valley of Death, hole, taco, woo-hoo, tunnel, fur pie, netherworld, po-po, which was my Mum’s go-to word for it.  P.S. If I take a selfie of one of my breasts, is it a boobie?