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Recently at a French train station, there was a “Relay” store (as there is). And you gotta love the Relay stores for their books and magazines in all languages. Not to mention their adorable and nonsensical French English motto, “Be positive, be generous, be cool, be serious, be zen, be relax, be relay”. I perused the magazines in English (as you do) and lo and behold there was a “Badass Women” issue of InStyle magazine USA. So I bought it. Janelle Monae is rocking the cover in some c. 1960s-style lime green finery. Monae also did a photo spread at the Hand Car Wash in Los Feliz that I used to shamelessly (and obviously admittedly) take my 1970 Datsun 240Z for a car wash every Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles to troll cute dudes with clean cars — or clean dudes with cute cars. But back to the badass women magazine issue. There are interviews with several famous women including Diane Keaton, Fran Drescher and Jameela Jamil — and many other women from all walks of life — who are definitely badass.