Frida in sunglasses

“Frida in sunglasses”, color photo, Poitiers 2019 Art, Blog, Photography

Recently I spied Frida Kahlo’s image in a shop window with the sunlight dappled ever-just-so. Behind the lens, her image was refracting light and Frida was simultaneously fresh, alive, pop art-ish and retro like an old favorite poster. I was so inspired, I re-cracked (new word) open my books (and Googled her ) and reread about Frida and relooked at her paintings. Frida Kahlo still inspires today! She was a Mexican painter born in 1907 (died in 1954) known for her surrealistic self portraits. Yet her life was so much more than that! If you haven’t watched the movie ‘Frida’ starring Salma Hayek, you have to download it now. Or read about her. Quite an extraordinary life she had. She was married and divorced twice to famous Mexican painter, Diego Rivera (they broke up because she caught him with her sister!). But I regress. I love her art (it slays!) and I also love her quote: “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?”